Sample Policy: The Declarations Page

Your insurance company prepares a form known as a Declarations Page that is sent for each new policy and again each year when your homeowner policy is renewed. This Declarations Page provides a summary of all the types of coverage that are included in your policy. It helps you understand how much coverage you have and what the cost of that coverage is.

The following contains elements of a sample Declarations Page. Your policy may look a little different, but it should provide the same type of information.

Sample Homeowners Policy

1. Policyholder name and location of insured dwelling

2. Company Name

3. Policy Number

4. Premium

5. Mortgage holder name and address

6. Summary of basic coverage and limits

7a. Deductible (amount policyholder must pay per claim or accident)

7b. Hurricane deductible

8. Liability protection

9. Type of policy (in this case, HO-3)

10. Optional coverage (called an endorsement) for special terms such as jewelry or silverware

11. Coverage offered or required under state law

12. Name of agent or company representative