Our Work

Your membership in Disaster Central affords individuals, families, and small businesses a helping hand when preparing, navigating, and recovering from natural and man-made disasters. Downloading our mobile app is the first step to accessing a community of helpers and caseworkers. 

Our Community Model Explained in a Diagram

Work Process

Disaster Central partners with local or state government, civic organizations, social service agencies, houses of worship, community, community health groups, mental health agencies, information and referral services, and the private sector.


Our partners and volunteers provide you, your family, and or small businesses with tools for step-by-step disaster preparedness. The App (B-Ready) with tools for step-by-step disaster preparedness. The app will allow you to recover in the shortest possible time. IT ALL STARTS WITH THE APP.


We help you identify available grants, and loan assistance programs, determine your eligibility, assist you in the application process, and provide you with the information, guidance, and tools to utilize all available resources to achieve lifestyle and financial goods.


Recovery is extremely difficult without pre-disaster preparation. After a disaster, our trained volunteers from the financial services industry will be available to you immediately after the disaster.