About Us

"We Need a Level of Coordination and Efficiency in Disaster Recovery Never Seen Before..."

Gerome Hatfield - FEMA Regional Manager

Anthropologist Susan Hoffman author of the book "Disaster upon Disaster" points out that all too often sympathy and helpfulness become political.  This should not be the case when it comes to helping people rebuild their homes and their lives after natural and manmade disasters. As a part of our mission, we reach out to Federal, State, and local Emergency Managers, Non-profit relief organizations, and caseworkers.

To those who are PREPARING, NAVIGATING, and RECOVERING from any natural or man-made disaster. Disaster Central is your community partner. We are dedicated to your equal, transparent, and consistent treatment in your recovery efforts. All too often, disaster survivors must endure extreme delays and unequal  treatment among helping agencies. 


The right to:

-A clear explanation of application requirements
-A right to appeal unfavorable decisions
-Knowledge where your application stands
-To know why a rejection occurred
-Knowledge of waiting list placement
-Right to access in a language other than English