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Join us and take pride in knowing you are not only a supporter but a potential beneficiary helping communities become more resilient to natural and man-made disasters.

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Disaster Central's free financial services for INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES include:

  • - Preparing a Disaster Recovery Budget
  • - Paying a Mortgage on a Destroyed Home
  • - Managing Home Inspections and Repair Contracts
  • - Assistance Working with Your Creditors
  • - Assistance Obtaining Copies of Destroyed Documents
  • - Assistance Filing Insurance Claims
  • - Referrals to Government and Private Agencies
  • - Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Seminars
  • - Financial Case Management

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Disaster Central's free financial services for SMALL BUSINESSES include:

  • - Packaging and Submittal of Grant and Loan Applications
  • - Sales and Marketing Assistance
  • - Restructuring Business Plans
  • - Establishing Banking Relationships
  • - Preparing Financial Projections
  • - Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Workshops

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All members enjoy:

  • - A downloadable Preparedness app for individuals and small businesses depending on your membership level.
  • - 45 minutes of free disaster recovery counseling
  • - Access to all archived podcast interviews with Emergency Managers from around the country.
  • - Subscription to our newsletter