What Does FEMA Offer?

Housing Needs Assistance

FEMA may provide you with one or more of the following forms of financial assistance for housing:

  • Temporary Housing: Financial Assistance is available to rent a different place to live, or to obtain a government-provided housing unit (such as a trailer).
  • Repair: Financial Assistance is available to homeowners to repair uninsured damages from the disaster to their primary residence. The goal is to make the damaged home safe, sanitary, and functional.
  • Replacement: Financial Assistance is available to homeowners to replace their home destroyed in the disaster. The goal is to help homeowners with the cost of replacing their destroyed homes.
Other Needs

In addition to the housing-related assistance, FEMA makes money available for necessary expenses and serious needs caused by the disaster. This includes everything on the following list:

  • Disaster-related medical and dental costs
  • Disaster-related funeral and burial costs
  • Clothing; household items (room furnishings, appliances); tools required for your job (specialized or protective clothing and equipment); necessary educational materials (computers, school books, supplies)
  • Fuels for primary heat source (heating oil, gas)
  • Clean-up items (wet/dry vacuum, dehumidifier)
  • Assistance with transportation, disaster-damaged vehicles
  • Moving and storage expenses related to the disaster (moving and storing property to avoid additional disaster damage while disaster-related repairs are being made to the home)
  • Other necessary expenses or serious needs as determined by FEMA
  • Other expenses that are authorized by law Permanent Housing Construction: Sometimes FEMA will fund construction of a new home. This type of help is available only in certain remote locations specified by FEMA, where no other type of housing assistance is possible.