The Insurance Industry: "Securing the Rebuild"

By now you should be well on your way down the road to housing recovery. You've picked up your map and started the process of identifying your Roadside Assistance Crew. You've made a pit stop at the FEMA section and you've now arrived at the Insurance Industry Pit Stop. We'll reduce the speed here and focus on all the details since insurance is at the top of the list for ensuring a successful journey.

Insurance is the purchase of protection in case of loss some might say it is the purchase of peace of mind. But, however you express the need for it, insurance is a necessity. It provides you with financial protection for your health, home, and automobile, among other things. Having the correct type and amount of insurance can help you replace lost possessions when you experience events like theft, fire, storms or other natural disasters. Unfortunately, if you're like many of us, you may not find out how your insurance policies work until you have to file a claim. By then it can be too late, especially if the coverage isn't what you expected.

At this stop on the Road to Housing Recovery we'll explore the in's and out's of insurance and the types of protection available.

Confused by the Fine Print? The Nuts & Bolts of Insurance

In this section, you'll gain a basic understanding of what the typical policy covers. We will help you understand the features of various types of homeowner and flood insurance programs. We'll also point out the options you may have for additional protection.

Need Help Now? Navigating the Claims Process

We'll walk you through the claims process. We'll also discuss the various types of covered damages and give you tips on how to make filing and settling claims faster and easier.

When Things Go Right: Settling Damage Claims and Moving Ahead with Repairs

Your insurance company has offered a settlement. How can you negotiate if you don't think the settlement is enough? How do you move ahead with repairs to your home? We address these and more issues here.

When Things Go Wrong: What to do When You Have a Complaint or Can't Get an Answer?

Even if you've carefully prepared and submitted your claim, many things can still go wrong during the claims process. We’ll outline the typical obstacles you might confront along the way and offer some resolutions to common problems. When all else fails, we'll point you to local authorities who can help you resolve a conflict with insurance providers.

Just Beginning Your Search?Acquiring Insurance
You may not know what to look for and whom to turn to for advice. In this section we'll offer tips on finding the right coverage so you're not wasting time. We'll also let you know how you can save money while you shop and compare. Understanding Types of Insurance It's important that you understand the purpose of each of these types of insurance products and the events that are covered or excluded with each.