Welcome To Disaster Central

This Website Helps Disaster Survivors Work within their Communities while implementing their Short Term & Long Term Recovery Efforts

It is a step-by-step resource for individuals and families affected by any disaster navigating their recovery. The purpose of this website is to assist families in establishing stable and secure housing as they recover from devastating natural or man-made disasters.

How to Use Disaster Central

We are designed to be a comprehensive informational website to resources providing specific steps to take for those affected by any disaster. Every day there are more helping hands, in the form of disaster workers and disaster caseworkers dedicated to your recovery.

The information from Disaster Central will help you make sound decisions on your way to housing recovery.

There are three types of information in this website

General disaster recovery information, guidance, and resources for those with a clear housing recovery goal, and guidance and resources for those still deciding on their housing recovery goal. Understanding that not every section of this website will be helpful or relevant to everyone, we have developed a system to point you to those sections of the website that best fit your situation.